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Mud House Owners Annual Quality of Life Competition - 2014

Friends of Thatta Kedona know about our annual Mud House Owners Annual Quality of Life Competition – cherished AFA tradition when owners compete for the best mud house, details and designs. Everyone take part and prepare before the competition. It goes without saying that this is the spirit of that NGO AFA has infused in the villagers and they look forward to the compaction. In the process the village can be seen in an immaculate condition round the year. Here are some of the images of the competition this year:
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Cultural Transformation, Globalization and Migration

By Prof. Dr. Norbert Pintsch


Attentive travellers between continents are probably not the only ones to noticed an enormous adaptation to western civilization. Clothing, food, leisure activities etc. are more and more similar to the western standard, without noticing or considering, that developments in climate, agriculture etc. have taken place in the the western system unintentionally at the cost of the environment and nature.
This system is now being taken over by others according to predetermined principles, in which not long-term solutions but rather short term economic efficiency and growth are the main target.
The consequences of this approach are often discussed in pleasant conference atmosphere, in talk-shows -or without any real affect- even in personal quarters, on the surface only and according to the prevalent fashion.

Projects and Problems

Let us speak about projects; these are mostly judged and implemented under technical-scientific and economic aspects only. The social aspect is seldom considered as important. Only if it promises advantage for a certain group, the political card is played according to opportunity.

As long as minorities are accepted in the form of groups, the majority will accept them without any issue. Problems arise, when the majority and the constellation undergoes a change. These are then regulated as the for example in the UAE. The guest workers can hope to get a residence permit only after undergoing a large process of formalities. There, where goodness is practiced out of historical reasons and wrong understanding of democracy, it is there that the problems grow and indeed, more according to the level to which the relevant society has been weakened through a culture of consumption and cannot really offer much to migrants from other backgrounds except material values. The values are tied to demands and comfort factors, about which the affected party (the accepting party) is totally unclear. They are normally of the opinion, that they possess special knowledge due to their experiences with their own minorities. Errare humanum est! But the question is, at what cost and what consequences?

Solutions and Outlook

The solution is to be found in the globalization itself. Its precondition of a networked industrial production requires exchangeable employees worldwide, who are qualified through appropriate education. The much publicized creativity and innovation here is also based on economic factors only and the end result of this creativity and innovation is still zero, because factually nothing new really comes out. New designed objects and structures for the environment, which are supposed to enhance sales. This development is hardly visible, because the population is permanently infiltrated and domesticated in a certain way. Due to permanent expansion of the non-productive sector, an extremely dense organization structure is created, which is assimilated by growth oriented work force and requires team-work. This method and approach creates pseudo work places, like those for therapeutic measures through developments in Bio-Medicine and Biotechnology, which do not guarantee durability of even these work places. Realities like cooking, making shoes, construction of houses etc. obtain entertainment value, ending ultimately with the natural process of biological demise. Where there is no complainant, there is also no remedy!


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Dolls, Toys and More

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