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Carpe Diem – Senta Siller

by S A J Shirazi / Lahore, Aaron Kaah Yancho / Bamenda, Romillio Rodriguez Fajardo/ Chiquinquira

Book review Senta Siller

Use the Time, under this slogan a small publication edited by the Friends of the SS-Foundation was initiated in Pakistan. The person honored thereby stands at a hotel balcony in Chiquinquira and looks into the distance, in the original photo one can see the flags of the city, of the departementos and Colombia. In the area over which she is looking, people stand and look at her.

The foreword of a Pakistani journalist and lover of the handicrafts developed by her enrich her work.

Examples of her work are provided digitally pointing to the production of handicrafts on site.

The circumstances in her early childhood and after World War II made it necessary for her to contribute with her work to food procurement. She helped the family with her paper-cut work for daily newspapers. Her extraordinary skills led to making of murals with her siblings. Still a student, she organized team design jobs and gathered management experience, which proved helpful in production of children's clothes and toys. She was always involved in some way with dolls, an activity which she followed over a quarter of a century in various projects and in different ways: organization, development, research, production, marketing and distribution.

Between her design work and doll making as principal of a school, she used her management experience in various global projects. Whether as private entrepreneur or as honorary worker, she insisted on implementing her ideas to highest standards and a minimum of requirement for herself. In spite of this, she is actively engaged in a variety of artistic techniques: graphics, lithography, oil painting, - she is always curious and uses the time. Waiting is not working! And with enormous patience, conscientiousness and accuracy, which is reflected in her research as youth style artist.

No matter what she does, she does it fully and extensively. In the given picture, she can be seen in her typical working posture, most active on different occasions, at openings, fairs, lectures, workshops, etc., as well as enjoying the landscape between Iceland, the Amazon, the high mountains as well as lowlands.

The publication discussed here is not her work directory, but gives rather an overview of the extensive activities of this versatile artist, organizer, businesswoman, who never forgets to give ample consideration to requirements of our society and life.

Senta Siller booklet

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