Society for the Promotion of Art and Culture


The following short films /videos are available and can be downloaded:

Information about these is available through Google

-Pakistan concerning Thatta Kedona / AFA (NGO)

Alhamra Event

-Cameroon concerning CAT / RUC

Cameroon 2017

-Colombia concerning Tanto Mejor (ONG)

Colombia 2015

-Germany concerning Cultura e.V. / DGFK e.V.

LITHOworkshop Landgut Stober

ART workshop Landgut Stober

Landgut Stober: Schnitt & Schneidern

Landgut Stober: Deutsch-Polnische Runde

-Iceland concerning International Dolls Museum



The following publications for 2018 are planned:


with introduction and project description or project studies


with introduction and transcriptions, 6 sections


with introduction, illustrations black / white and color in 6 sections


From Global Village

each about 300 pages with different topics,

limited and uncensored editions:

Volume 33: News from the Ground!

Volume 34: Enough is Enough!

Volume 35: What's going on?

Volume 36: Flowers Blue Letters

Volume 37: All over again

Volume 38: At the end of the tunnel

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