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By Omar M. Ali

You will need to go back a bit in the project history of the AFA (NGO).

Notes can be found under (, among others, organized SPARC 1994 - 1996 LIFE (Lahore International Festival of EduTainment), in which a bridge between traditional art, here: arts and crafts, including dolls from AFA and HiTechArt, including computer graphics, in cooperation with the DGFK

In the Directory (see in you can find the village project listed as Vocational Training Center under the supervision of Dr. Senta Siller.

Although a lot of time has passed, there is still the opportunity to officially accredit the former Women Art Center, now called SSDC, through NAFTTC, so that craftsmanship skills can be further improved and the knowledge passed on to newcomers.

This will also allow the NGO to revitalize SHE (School for home economics, see: and set a mark for special development in the region, not just to trainers from the area, but also students from various disciplines can be included.

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