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Preserve and Develop

By Omar M. Ali

Exactly 25 years ago, Dr Senta Siller began working in the arts and crafts in the village of TGD.

From 2008 onwards Dr Norbert continued to work with the volunteers, Three years ago, the work was formally handed over symbolically to the Pressident Amajd Ali. Now, today, the opening of the exhibition in TGD also marked the practical handover.

If one realizes the considerable changes on both sides of the road from Okara to Gogera, it is clear that projects, such as those of the NGO AFA in the village of TGD, have to react accordingly.

It is important to preserve the proven traditions and continue them while developing something new at the same time.

The NGO is holistic and works for the benefit of the villagers.

Political weather conditions, but also the changing consumer behavior must be taken into account.
An important product are the experiences that have to be passed on.

Cooperation with other NGOs and universities must be maintained and expanded. Exhibition openings on important topics, seminars and workshops on site, all these have already taken place and need to be further developed.

Various opportunities need to be taken; the NGO has for example accommodation, which can be used by paying guests. The arts and crafts remain the beacon for the innovations; they can finance only so much, as in the past years, and this should help in new ideas because complex marketing in mass produced products leads to nothing new.

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Development of art through digital technology and biochemical adaptations

Prof Dr Norbert Pintsch, SRF / FPAC

As already often mentioned, it is not about either this ... or this, but about both; this-as well as this. This does not mean that from now on a new form of art is available, but rather: it is still in the phase of development, maybe the effects of this are unimaginable to contemporary critics, but this is always the case with imminent upheavals in approach.

We had already written "About the End of the Arts and Crafts" - in means here that unique items will gradually disappear and will play a role only with certain collectors in the high-price segment, - for the masses remain increasingly only copies, that is: mass produced products , This may not be understandable to the contemporaries, but it is so.

We have already written about "Polycrystalline and Bio-Molecular Structures in mobile and Immobile Towns (Architecture and Urban Development)" - this runs parallel to the upcoming art, whereby the term art is to be understood in a comprehensive sense, with painting, literature , Music - all in the traditional sense.

What awaits our children and grandchildren, if they are not already infiltrated in this direction?

Creative interactive consumption, with -Virtual theater, where one can play classics with friends, but also let yourself act with "stars", -Virtual design, with classic role models, but also by experiencing neural highways, -Virtual experience in games and sports in animated roles including traveling through the cosmos, as well as movements in, through and on the planet.

The reference to already existing infiltration refers to the computer-assisted film and music productions, computer simulations, - ultimately, all areas of life are at least affected, even if it is not perceived as such. It is valid here: we see what we want to see, - hear what we mean to hear, think what we like! What can be thought, if the thinking subject is also the object at the same time? The Artificial Intelligence (AI) is immune to this problem!

The question of why and for what reason we had already discussed under the topic

"Regarding the development of housing in a closed system".

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