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What to do?

Discussion event during a SPARC meeting in Lahore with Friends of the SSDC*** in TGD**.

While a lot is being said about freedom in a world of consumption, digitization and globalization, environmental protection and nature conservation in legal terms, but their implementation in an industrial environment is more than questionable.

Also, unselfishness and self-help may theoretically be mentioned, but practically it is not implemented.

The religion of wealth is not only believed in, but it is also practiced. Meanwhile, charitable models practically disappear in nothingness!

Self-involved and affected people in self-help projects behave as in the usual institutions and organizations, - regular income, leisure and progress are the criteria in urban life. This is in strong contrast to the goals of selfless-serving, philanthropy and self-help!

The impossibility of realizing this world-wide is not recognized at all, on the contrary, more and more resources are destroyed, preserved as values. The wealth of a country is based on industrial indicators. This affects the simple areas, including the rural area. Industry and mass production gain in importance.

Opportunities are not recognized or perceived and the orientation towards urban life and its prosperity psychosis grows.

New values and possible goals are ignored!

Projects that could give achieve such goals are not injected with man-power!

Wherever a cautious, sustainable development is possible, we close our eyes.

Modest touristic developments (guest houses, display of local history), cultural exchange (artists in residence, student visits from urban into rural), cooperation with other, similar NGOs, are not given importance. This is how the simple people in the rural areas help to cut down on the already little piece of economic independence they are sitting on.

What is need of the hour?

An unselfish, energetic person who sets a good example - who loves his traditional culture but thinks ahead of the ruling elites!

But in election this will not convert into votes ...... 

 * Anjuman-e-Falah-e-Aama 
 ** Thatta Ghulamka Dhiroka 
 *** Senta Siller Design Centre

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Logicalness as a special feature of SSi projects

by Omar M. Ali, Njini King Caro, Ricardo Coslez & Norbert Pintsch

Again and again, questions arise about what is special in SSI projects.

We have therefore made a list of characteristics for everyone interested,


-the specialty should actually be logically self-evident:
-Local help with local resources
-Avoidance of migration, - to the urban areas or foreign countries
-Help should be holistic, so the problem solutions are not simply shifted to later time
-An NGO should never be a family clan, but open to all active members
-Help from the outside requires participation of concerned persons from the inside
-An NGO should always work with an open mind and be more flexible than government or private companies, etc.
-Local leadership should work as selfless as volunteers from outside
-An NGO is not a government organization or company; its products must stay below the BE point otherwise it will not be like a genuine NGO
-The head of the NGO must be on moral high ground; not enrichen himself , be communicative and possess broad experience!

Then why should not such head of the NGO work in a GO or Pvt Ltd company and earn better money?

Because ........ the benefit of the general public counts more!

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