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Housing and Interiors

Prof. Dr. Pintsch,, M.Arch., M.Civ.Eng., MBA

As long as the billions strong and naturally produced two-legged species exists,
it will require for the fulfillment of its basic functions necessary housing.
which is dependent upon climate and environment.
Since the human being in essence is the Subject as well as Object, the housing,
technical infra-structure, Ambience and Interiors are subject to continuous change.
The scope of change is indifferent and unclear.
Aaron Pinske

In the times of booming information technology and nano-technology, the bio-medical possibilities of cloning, the manipulation of genetic materials and the networking of neuronal networks with artificial intelligence, the knowledge appears to be the art of overcoming the present only. t the fact is that the distance between practice and theory is increasing and the (apparent) knowledge is actually a higher level of dis-knowledge!

Independent experiments on location in a distinct surrounding with their own micro-climate are helpful!

Experiments on a larger scale limit the diversity and are only justified with the involvement of the industry.

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