Society for the Promotion of Art and Culture

Preparation of Operations in March or October

Through the NGO AFWA, experts are again to be requisitioned from SES for the areas of Basic Health + Traditional Medicine (Marlis Bartkiewitz-Schmid) and Upcycling + Handicraft (Monika Kupler).

Research in Dolls, Toys and Development

SPARC hopes together with with other institutions to win the support of the initiator of the dolls project in TGD for carrying forward the handicraft research project in Islamabad, which will benefit women of AFA and AFWA as well as students. Basics of the project have already published in a report for the National Museum LokVirsa (see Dolls, Toys and More, p. 91 - 106).

Communication+Information Once again via the NGO AFA and through SES support of PDP is to be requested in order to support among others the C + I.

DGFK e.V., SPARC-PROJECT, Dr Senta Siller/SES-Bonn, Prof Dr Pintsch/SES-Bonn, Marlis Bartkiewitz-Schmid /SES-Bonn, Monika Kuppler/SES-Bonn, AFA, AFWA

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