Society for the Promotion of Art and Culture

Peerzada Cultural Complex Yard

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Use of Mud in Urban Areas

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Lahore Mud House Project

This is the second site for prospective mud house in Lahore. The first one is at The Yard - Peerzada Cultural Complex

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Mud House Project Partners

Gwendolyne (left) from Beaconhouse University (BNU), Ayesha from Nation College of Arts (NCA) with another designers and Mud House Project Sonja


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Green Mag

This quarterly publication is open to all, who are interested in general changes in society, be it in the area of construction (alternative construction, climate friendly construction) or education or economy.
Project ideas can be introduced and existing projects, examples of appropriate technology etc. described.

Interested persons send their articles to this BLOG, from which interesting articles are then selected for the Green Mag editions. They appear as pdf as well as printed versions.
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