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Opening ceremony and press conference Mud Housing Project

Mr Dauth from German Embassy and guests with Prof Dr Norbert Pintsch and Thikedar Mr Iqbalon Mud Housing Project from Appropriate Technology in Green Acre, Peerzada Cultural Complex, Lahore

Visitors from Punjab University with Prof Mansoor Durrani discussing Mud Housing Project  and  applications of Appropriate Technology at Peerzada Cultural Complex, Lahore

Posters display (about Handicraft, Dolls Project in Pakistan,Cameroon, Colombia, Europe) in Village Museum; The Posters are a gift from International Dolls Museum in Iceland, the cooperative partner

Posters display (about Mud Housing and Appropriate Technology), TTTC from AFA had inspired SPARC (NGO) Lahore for this project. TTTC in TGD is working in close cooperation with CAT in Bamenda

Visitors in Thatta Ghulamka Dheroka (AFA-TTTC), with Mr Farooq about Kite Project for electricity production

Members from Lahore Mud Housing Project talking with Mr Farooq discussing about Mud Houses and Appropriate Technology


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The Convocation


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Social Media

Use of social media applications is being debated across the World Wide Web. Fans support the usage of tools like Blog, tweet, Facebook to break down barriers between businesses, public servants and ordinary people to discuss ideas and gather feedback. Trend watches and analysts still see the social media tools as time wasting diversions. It is in this milieu that we need to look at the fast growing social media usage in our own, still low tech, corporate and public sectors.

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