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For our friends and interested parties a warm greeting between the years: III Essays

3 Essays Booklet by Prof Norbert Pintsch

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Progress and development, an illusion

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When illusions are understood as reality

by Prof Dr Norbert Pintsch

When day in and day out it is spoken about progress and developments, it is inevitable to not believe this and see it as a reality.

There is a long way to go to understand this all around as a mistake. It is very difficult, actually impossible to exclude yourself. You are part of the overall system.

The only option is to look at yourself and limit obvious undesirable developments through your own behavior.

To recognize greed in one own self, who can happily admit to that? - You had only wanted to improve a technology, wanted to optimize a process flow, wanted to help the general public through improved medical care.

The chain of wanting to do something can go on endlessly.

-whether new ways are found in the food production in which artificial meat is used and animals that are pumped full with medicines so they do not have to be kept for long,

-whether food is no longer carted over long distances and large amounts and is now replaced by local solutions,

-whether computers are increasingly used in the educational sector to improve the -supposed- educational level,

-whether the mobility is made more environmentally friendly through the use of other energies,

A look at what was originally called culture and which, due to global industrialization, now represents a fantastic civilization, actually prevents us from acknowledging the basic reality of existence: transience!

Through the mutation from childlike belief to supposed solid knowledge, from religion to science, essential basic elements of the unchangeable existence on this planet have been lost and replaced by fictitious numbers. Fiction is reflected, intentionally or unintentionally, in greed and greediness. We assume, that whatever can be numerically outlined, it exists!

At the lowest level there is poverty and hunger - values ​​that are oriented towards the upper levels and the urge and compulsion to reach to the upper levels, with better living conditions. The upper level is supposed to represent the success of a so-called research and development schemes.

Progress and development live in the transparency of the invisible mist, curiosity is mistaken for prudence and wisdom!

Everything is possible...

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About redeployments

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An ignored or suppressed facet of economics
by Prof Dr Norbert Pintsch / IPC

Neither the micro (business administration) nor the macro (national) economic theories waste any thoughts on the topic of reallocations. If the available tools were to be used, the results would be unusable because they would either contradict or oppose the prevailing models or remain unnoticed.

Thanks to the corresponding educational institutions, the medium-sized enterprise has spread, which is based on the global ideology of growth - without asking whether the mere addition of artificial systems and structures really makes sense. There is no answer to the question of possibility changing the prevailing position. One can say philosophically: What is not allowed to be, cannot be!

Another question, how can one reduce the bogus resources, the question which is almost obsolete, so that there are also no answers.

The idea of armed conflict has not developed further and still follows archaic ideas. This is not entirely wrong, because life is not a peaceful coexistence of plant and animal beings, but always a struggle for food, which is banned from the visual field of the humans due to cultural terminology, like greed, envy, ambition, courtship, etc., which are still the fuel of life.

The thought is allowed: warfare is still prevalent but it is different now. Pure Show of strength with winners and losers is still a tradition; however nowadays it takes place in what is called sport and means the destruction of resources on a different economic level.

The sociological lower class, not exactly a perfect term, to cut down on its possibilities is not successful, since the potential for suffering seems to be limitless there. When looking at regions of crisis, it is easy to think that an eruption point has been reached there - but there is always a hope for small and medium-sized companies, which arises out of global media influence and hope of improvement.

No change or redeployment can be expected from the upper class, a superficial, but nevertheless befitting term - that to assume is almost grotesque. The above character traits, greed, etc. have always generated an internal pecking order and leader positions – which have now - washed up on the surface. The following applies: Nothing lasts forever!

What remains in the globalized world? - The middle class, which is willing enough for any manipulation if there is a trace of improvement in life.

This could be applied, if there were one common sense; it will take some time and in Fragments before the need for a shift or change is suspected.

These thoughts of becoming conscious always arise from the past, take place in a now which is not prepared for the future.

Helpful is the limitless unteachability, which arises from the proverb: suffering a loss makes one wiser, and leads to short-sighted and short-termed hope into the game of everyday life. The unteachability fits seamlessly into the so-called science of micro- and macro-economics, the game and speculation elements of which are reflected in stock market news in which marketing is to be carried out with the end result of resources being reduced.

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What one thinks to believe, it is better to be silent about it

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What one thinks to believe, it is better to be silent about it
by Prof. Norbert Pintsch, SRF/FPAC

If one were to take the statements of the heading and the subtitle to heart, there would only be social noises on the planet, such as: Oh, so, - ah, yes, So-so, - the difference to cattle on a pasture would not be very big, - whereby the principles: coming-staying-going are still true for all life!

Presumably, there are special relationships in each individual thoughts and Expression. Where do the thoughts come from and where do you get the names in the spoken expression? It is a lengthy process that starts even before the schooling and is always associated with imprints from the respective cultural environment.

When the schooling starts, "half the matter" is already set, and it would not be false to say if - instead of the schooling, individual experiences were being made. In the existing, impact-oriented life styles, there are various stipulations that hardly allow any space for deviations from the standard.

When special challenges arise in the increasingly globalized and digitized world with its unification and uniformity doctrines, we are not equipped to handle them. Attempts to find solutions can only be undertaken with existing instruments, whether in research, development, production!

The call for creativity and innovation is acoustically understandable. But cannot be implemented because the huge system is stuck. Weaknesses and general problems are repaired, refurbished, modernized. Short-sighted and short-term action and financial success are the yardstick, although human weaknesses are reflected in all undertaken measures.

Special situations such as wars, (natural) disasters, illnesses - specially of longer duration, offer both opportunities and challenges. So you have to think about the causes and act accordingly. This however contrasts with the persistence of global political, social and large economic systems.

However, the individual can, in parallel and during the course of usual schooling and qualification phase, step alongside oneself and practice free thinking. A fundamental effect would be to find out what is actually believed and what is factually known, see heading and subtitles. The resulting knowledge leads to a shock!

Such a shock is the prerequisite for the beginning of independent thinking and will not be based on the quantity of publications studied. Perhaps even the childhood impressions have to be taken into account in order to process the subsequent schooling.

Wars, disasters, diseases - they are challenges and opportunities to understand yourself and the environment and to move from the short-sighted and short-term effect-oriented to the far-sighted and long-term cause-oriented action and effect. It means free thinking - a luxury that everyone can afford, even if the daily problems of the cost of living and making sense of life are still to be overcome!

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Study and Research Opportunities in Germany

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On 5 March 2020, a seminar and expo was organized at the University of the Punjab about "Study and Research Opportunities in Germany". Dr. Inge Iqbal, Director of DAAD - German Academic Exchange Service was the main speaker and she explained in a detailed presentation the procedure for admission to German universities and getting scholarships. The event was organized jointly by IML (Partner of Goethe-Institut) and DAAD in collaboration with the Institute of Languages at the Punjab University. IML is also a partner of the FPAC (Foundation for Promotion of Academic Cooperation), which was represented at the event by its Senior Research Fellow, Prof. Dr. Norbert Pintsch from Germany.

A large number of students attended the event in the large auditorium of the Institute for Biochemistry and Biotechnology. An exchange of information took place with the students showing great interest. Prof. Dr. Fahim Aftab (Department of Botany) and Prof. Dr. Rubeena Zakir (Department of Sociology) reported on their great experiences during their research time in Germany.

Prof Dr Rubeena contributed her experience from her doctoral studies.

Prof. Aamir Rafique delivered an interesting report of possibilities of learning German language in Lahore. At the end, Pro-Vice Chancellor of the university, Prof. Dr. Saleem Mazhar congratulated the students and the organizers for the wonderful event and assured all support of the university in this regard.

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Haiku - the art of conversion of profound words into visual - comes from the Japanese culture and it makes use of syllables and metaphor in a predetermined form in order to encourage the use to understand depth of thought.  

Just as Japanese art stimulated European artists in the Art Nouveau period people from various countries touched by the art of Haiku tried to develop similar things in their own languages. 

The German Haiku Society was established in Germany, in which the members try to express themselves as writers using similar means.  

Click here to see the work 

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About the marketing of village projects

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On the occasion of Prof Norbert Pintsch's visit to Pakistan, intensive talks were held about NGO projects, their functioning and the global difficulties, in view of which efforts were made to encourage private initiatives.

For some time, he and his colleagues have been using the long-standing material for evaluation and scientific workup; interested persons can find a wealth of material for independent and completely new research work in the internet under .

In addition to the contacts and visits to friends and acquaintances, visits were undertaken not only to the NGO AeFeA in the Okara district, but also to PU and LSE, as well as the IML in Lahore.

In a recently created slide show, the many activities for marketing of unique arts and crafts within and outside the country were outlined. They make clear, that NGO projects are not free from market-economy influences, if they are to be successful for all participants. The prerequisite here is however an altruistic attitude as a driving force!

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From SPARC Think Tank

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By Omar M. Ali

You will need to go back a bit in the project history of the AFA (NGO).

Notes can be found under (, among others, organized SPARC 1994 - 1996 LIFE (Lahore International Festival of EduTainment), in which a bridge between traditional art, here: arts and crafts, including dolls from AFA and HiTechArt, including computer graphics, in cooperation with the DGFK

In the Directory (see in you can find the village project listed as Vocational Training Center under the supervision of Dr. Senta Siller.

Although a lot of time has passed, there is still the opportunity to officially accredit the former Women Art Center, now called SSDC, through NAFTTC, so that craftsmanship skills can be further improved and the knowledge passed on to newcomers.

This will also allow the NGO to revitalize SHE (School for home economics, see: and set a mark for special development in the region, not just to trainers from the area, but also students from various disciplines can be included.

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