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Peerzada Cultural Complex AT Workshop with Sohni and Rani

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Children Learn to Protect Environment
September 26-30, 2011

Mud Housing Project started in October 2010 on the premises of Peerzada Cultural Complex (PCC), in which three types of mud houses and use of appropriate technology was introduced to the interested public.

The event followed three objectives:
  1. Examples of mud houses in rural areas and areas affected by the Indus flooding.
  2. Motivation for students of architecture for the purpose of experimentation, measurement and study of concepts in order to develop strategy for helping the affected population of the catastrophe.
  3. Residence for craftsmen, who belong to areas far away from Lahore.
Of course, one of the main objectives was also to motivate the urban population towards construction of more energy efficient houses. With the scarcity of energy in current times, this is an important objective for public as well as private application.

We must provide a platform for the students to start experimenting.

The illustration shows Sohni and Rani, who are explaining the functionality of alternative technology devices to each other.

Our main contribution here is to show the simultaneous use of the construction material mud in harmony with appropriate technology, which will be done in a playful manner in a workshop for children. We connect thereby entertainment and education. To achieve the purpose, among others, alternative energy is used to make cakes and hot chocolate for children.

The AFA (NGO), SPARC (NGO), FPAC, SES Bonn, as well as German Embassy supports the project.

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