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Why Mud as a Building Material?

Mud Architecture is basically studying mud as a building material which has already being tested and tried for thousands of years. The property of this material is very different from the ones which are in used in modern day construction hence the method of using it is very different.

Like all materials this is also has its own limitations which can be overcome but the main advantage is we do not need lot of energy to manufacture it unlike brick, cement, steel, concrete, etc. Hence today when construction is consuming such a large amount of energy, which needs to be conserved it has become a necessity than a demand to sensibly explore into this alternative material for construction which I have discussed further in my article.

Why Mud as a Building Material?
Energy Consumption
In mud construction, minimum fossil fuel energy is consumed and is naturally abundant throughout the world. Where as in brick construction fossil energy is consumed for manufacturing process and transportation.

Recycling of modern materials for building construction results in high cost. Recycling of soil does not need fossil fuel, labour require is also less. The characteristic of recycled soil for construction remains the same whereas in modern building material situ acquires inferior character after recycling.

The abundance availability of soil in large areas help the economically weaker section of the society to afford the mud construction. It is easily adaptable and the technology can be transferred easily.

Housing Demand
A huge deficit of housing demand in urban and rural areas linked with limited resources on all fronts make it absolutely essential that the housing solution have to be best effective, through optimal and efficient use of all resources of land, finance and building material.

Different Techniques used in Mud Architecture
Different materials are employed for different construction techniques.

Here is a list of materials that are employed for different types of construction:

Wattle and Daub
Pressed Earth Blocks
Rammed Earth Blocks [Via]

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