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Community service is one of the wonderful experiences that helps in more than one ways. Volunteers get a chance to broaden their own vision by sharing are lives and views in cross cultural settings. In addition to cultural fusion, they get practical language practice while traveling to new places and living and working with new people.

Thanks to VISIONS Service Adventures - provider of domestic and international community service programs – which they offer teen summer community service to high school and middle school student who are looking for worthwhile exposure in South America, Central America, the Caribbean, Vietnam and the United States of America. You get a chance to live together, work together, explore and play together, and enjoy our shared experience while you send your quality time in community service. Summer program are planned in off season and includes both construction and non-construction service work.

Have a look at neatly laid out and information rich site and see what all opportunities are available to choose from. Explore their program locations and see which place can offer you the most. Interested students can ask for their brochure or download application form. Also sign up their newsletter and get involved. This will help you make informed decision and to plan your next summer community service experience.

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