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Appropriate Technology Exhibition

In the face of energy shortage, particularly in the rural areas of Pakistan, Appropriate Technology is the obvious solution and people are turning to appropriate technology solutions. Best thing is that appropriate technology solutions are not only affordable and available but they are guaranteed anywhere.

Dr. Norbert Pintsch, an appropriate technology expert, was chief guest at appropriate technology exhibition in Superior College, Dipalpur (district Okara) on March 13, 2012. Mr Shakeel -teacher in the college and a member of Technical Transfer and Training Center from men AFA (NGO) in village TGD – had arranged an awareness exhibition. Dr. Norbert Pintsch also gave a presentation to the students and other notables of the area. Among others, PTI member and MNA Mr Arshad, Mr Rashid and Mr Wariam, Mr Farooq and Mr Ilyas from the AFA-NGO also attended the function that was followed by interactive questions answers session.

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