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The Unacknowledged Conscience Of Twentieth Century Architecture

Hassan Fathy is one of the most important architects of the twentieth century, whose works have had a widespread influence on the architecture of the Islamic world and whose ideas have extended to the Western world. This paper focuses on the complexity of Fathy’s architecture and the richness and range of its theoretical intentions. It also assesses Fathy’s attitudes towards modernism and the International Style as well as the critical responses to his works and philosophy. The relationship of his philosophy to movements such as Postmodernism, community architecture and self-help building, ecoarchitecture and sustainability and tendencies such as neovernacular and earth building are also examined. The main objective of this paper is to reveals the significance of Fathy’s approach while placing him within the wider perspective of twentieth-century architecture

Index Terms—Architects, Criticism, Earth Architecture, Modern Architecture, Postmodern Architecture, Regionalism, Sustainability

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