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Further Development

Sustainable project work, wherever there are projects, requires constant commitment. Not only internally are problems to be managed, but also external.

Internally, market shifts as a result of political weather conditions can be detrimental, - interpersonal relationship and family structures change.

Externally, e.g. In connection with political processes between urban and rural, even affects of foreign co-operations, can be more than a hindrance.

In the long-term, work in the area of the arts and crafts, of course, also changes the relationship between producers and consumers, - this is the case in the growth-oriented manufacturing of handicrafts on the one hand and the individual production of unique items on the other hand.

The team of Dr Siller, from central Europe, has spent time in researching the recycling of products, their design improvements for value addition, as well as decycling, which means the use of high-quality material accessories.

These type of project inputs are better pushed in Central Europe because of the need for substantial research. The Siller team has been doing research on the material of fish leather in Germany, Austria, Iceland, - probably research on the Ussuri will be necessary, - preparatory work has already been undertaken in a project on the Amazon.

The fish leader project is a good example of handicrafts for NGOs in the rural areas and can stimulate and inspire local work. This is true for the mother project in Pakistan, as well as for daughter projects in Cameroon and Colombia.

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