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Analog and digital action

Prof Dr Norbert Pintsch / SES, Omar M. Ali / SPARC-project

Times of transformation are times of change and change always comes.

In the present time, change is brought about through the use of and effects of Information and Communication. At the same time, the factor is ignored, although it is there all the time.

The manufacturing of a unique piece requires time and demands Initiative, Creativity and Innovation. Terms, which are precondition in the analog as well as in the digital world. The big danger here is of acting as Either-Or, because it is more sensible to act as This-As well as this. Otherwise the ground reality goes lost and the digital reality is considered the only reality. The production of errors is increased exponentially. These again lead to Pseudo-Solutions, which contain new faults!

The production of errors is enormous due to the factor time and technological speed. They can be equalized or reduced through adjustments, which create uniformity and stand opposite to evolutionary development, which also works with the factor Time but in completely different dimensions and Mega-Systems, the extent and complexity of which in spite of digital possibilities can only be imagined.

The understanding here is the duplicity of our self. We are subject and object at the same time and are not able to equalize in the digital world. Add to that in a solely digital consideration the processing of the Affects, not the Cause, which is to be found on the analog level.

This can be explained with a simple example. A Thing can be made as analog, i.e. a really unique piece, which as explained above, requires and demands -among others- creativity.

To make this thing digitally, e.g through 3-D-Printer, requires more than the technical-scientific knowledge, it requires Creativity from the analogue world. Otherwise, the progress will only be pseudo-progress and in spite of general belief and assumptions, they contain concealed errors and only pseudo-success.

Environmental protection, Resource protection, Nature protection remain hollow slogans in short term economic thinking and false value addition.

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