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Prof Dr Norbert Pintsch lectures in GCU Lahore

Prof Dr Norbert Pintsch (SES) is a German Senior Volunteer who has been working in Pakistan (and in many oher countries) for over quarter Century. Now Pakistan is like his second home (that is why I call him Chaudhry Norbert now). He started working in a remote Punjab village Thatta Ghulamka Dheroka - some 80 Kilometers from Lahore - and over time have made it a model village. His special interests are appropriate technology, preservation of rural culture, housing, handicrafts, communication and information, income generation for rural communities (through self help projects) and promotion of academic coordination.

This time in Pakistan, Prof Dr Norbert Pintsch was invited to Government College University, Lahore where he delivered a lecture on “Open and Closed System of Development Demonstrated Through an Example of a Village Project in Pakistan.”

Prof Dr Norbert Pintsch is a retired Professor, Architect, Engineer, MBA by Profession and presently a social worker who represents German Society for Promotion of Culture.

The DGFK (German Society for Promotion of Culture) was officially registered in 1973 at the district court Berlin-Charlottenburg.

The main activities of the society in the beginning revolved around promotion of culture in its widest sense. About 133 projects were initiated or supported which included projects of art exhibitions, lectures as well as concerts, film projects and festivals.

A number of publications were published and events initiated and organized in Berlin, Germany and other European and Non-European countries.

Since 1990 however, most of the activities of the society are concentrated in the Non-European regions.



History From 1990-2015

The Mother Project AFA (NGO) in TGD and the daughter-projects (Cameroon 1998, Colombia 1999, Iceland 2000, Greece 2001, Germany 2007)

The Three Legs Model (handicraft, appropriate technology, housing, communication and information) with samples 

Activities in the NGO A.F.A. and function of volunteers

Between rural areas and urban areas and the vision of a closed system

Between handicraft (independent, natural, holistic system) and robots (autonomic, artificial, closed system)

Around the open system (environment pollution, ecocide, overgrowth)

Culture vs nature, model of culture with impact and influence

Experience and knowledge

NGO vs GO and Pvt Ltd

Economy Society; paid work and voluntary work


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